Friday, July 3, 2020


Making a necklace and earrings for a friend has really got my mojo working again.  When I spotted these ceramic beads for sale by Lesley Watt I couldn't resist.
They would make a lovely necklace or bracelet to go with a summer outfit.
Lovely turquoise beads which would go nicely with a floral top or dress.
Not that I wear dresses these days - but I might.

More ceramic beads in rustic earthy tones.

I don't often go for blue beads but the top ones reminded me of blue skies and fluffy clouds.
The bottom ones would go with a nice t-shirt and denim jeans or jacket.
Time to get the pliers out...…!!

Monday, June 8, 2020


It's a whole year since I made any jewellery. 
My beading mojo has been hibernating all winter, but has been woken up to make a present for a friend and it's back!
One rummage through my stash for the right beads and it could sleep no longer.
Which is a jolly good job, as beading is a lot less damaging than baking during lockdown, thinking of one of it's effects......"lockdown waistline" !!

This friend, who I have never met in person but we've been friends for a long time, made me a beautiful apron. I offered to make her some earrings in return. She asked for red and I made a neat little necklace to match.  Her husband says the earrings look like ripe little redcurrants, which they do! I forgot to take a picture in my rush to get them in the post so I've used the one she took when they arrived.  Thanks to Angela at Tracing Rainbows.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019


My sister-in-law was going cruising and asked if I could rustle up some necklaces to match her new outfits.  No problem!

First I repaired her crystal necklace.  It had been her mother's and I had restrung it a couple of years ago.  Unfortunately the crimps broke and it came apart.  Oops!  Luckily no beads were lost so I restrung it again but with more crimps, squashed with as much effort as I could muster.  As the length was just right we decided to make the other necklaces the same.

She chose the beads for this one, a mixture of creamy camel glass beads and dark blue crystals.  It matched her new dress perfectly and I have to say I was rather pleased with it.

This is probably my favourite of the three - no, wait - the navy one is.  Oh well, I like them all.  It's a combination of turquoise and pink glass beads, chosen to match another dress, which it does perfectly.
So what has been happening, beadily speaking?
My bead stash and associated stuff, tools, books and magazines have crossed the channel yet again and now reside in our UK home.  Bonkers I know.  The only beading I did in France was for a display in the tourist office three years ago and for a jewellery making taster session for a ladies club last summer.  I made the occasional birthday necklace and repair job and that was it.
Frankly, during the months we are there we have so many other things to do and enjoy that I never found the time to get the beady stuff organised and get really absorbed in it.  Now that we are spending the winters in the UK I'm hoping to do much more.
Sorting through my beads got me really excited about it all over again and making these three necklaces has given me the incentive to get going.  Hurrah!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


French beads

I have mentioned before that bead shops are thin on the ground in France.  In fact they are seemingly becoming thinner in the UK too as three of the four shops I used to visit regularly have closed down in recent months.  However, I occasionally get rich pickings at the local brocantes and vide greniers – the French equivalent of our car boot sales or flea markets.

French beads2

This long string of nice china beads cost me 2€ at one of these markets last weekend.  They are lovely quality beads and I’m itching to take the string apart and start work on a new project.

French beads3

These beads also came from a brocante purchase of 2€.  I couldn’t wait as long as a minute to take the necklace apart so that I could discard the really manky plastic and corroded metal beads that were in amongst them.  Ugh.  What is left is definitely worth the price but I’m saving myself for an upcoming event.

French beads4

I attend a ladies group that has meetings of various kinds roughly once a month.  It started out as a way of ladies to get together socially without the presence of their other halves who might cramp their style a bit.  Various entertainments are put on and for this month I offered to provide a jewellery making workshop where ladies who might never have done anything like it before can make something out of a selection of beads, or repair or remodel some of their own beaded items that might be broken or out of favour.

I’m looking forward to it and thought it might be interesting for them to see how a modest expenditure on second hand jewellery can turn into something nice to wear.

Watch this space!

Friday, May 19, 2017


emerald earrings1

For the first time ever I went to a St Patrick’s Day celebration earlier this year.  The funny thing is, I also went to my very first Burns Night this year as well.

Anyway, I thought it only appropriate to dress for the occasion by making a pair of earrings in the right colour – emerald green. 

emerald earrings2

To complete the ensemble I went shopping for more accessories and found this lovely scarf and a bottle of nail polish in the right colour.  The beads for the earrings were in my bead stash but the scarf and polish came from a shop called Noz in Loches, France.

Noz is an acquired taste, a cross between a jumble sale and a pound shop, except that nothing is secondhand, it’s just that some of the stuff looks like it’s been around for a while.  The scarf and polish cost the equivalent of £2.20 altogether and both are of good quality.  The polish lasted for days before it started to chip off.

I enjoyed the evening too.

Sunday, January 29, 2017


secondhand beads

Over the years I have acquired lots of really nice secondhand beads, most coming from charity shops but some coming as cast-offs from friends and family.

This particular set were found in a local charity shop and included some lovely dark plum coloured lava stones, some glass beads and some fairly horrid and manky cheap spacers.

secondhand beads2

I restrung them and used them in my exhibition last summer.  This style of necklace, just a few beads strung on a piece of wire, was the very first type of necklace I learned to make when I was practising how to choose bead sizes and colours and attach a clasp.  I had forgotten how useful it is as a type of necklace to have, nice and light and not too dominating if worn with a t-shirt or top where it blends in with the colour.

secondhand beads3

This charity shop necklace was originally a long and tremendously heavy string of fairly rough chunks of jasper.  To much of a good thing and almost unwearable because of its weight.  I think I paid about £2 for it and remade it into a much shorter version with nice rustic spacers instead of the nasty corroded metal balls that were in it.  Much more wearable and the rough chunkiness of the stones make a striking statement on a plain top.  Without giving the wearer neck ache!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


bead strandsbead strands2

One of my favourite local bead shops in the UK closed a couple of years ago but whilst it was open I bought loads of beads there.  The owner was a gifted crafter and ran courses on all manner of jewellery making and bead making.  She had the finest selection of beads I have ever seen in a bead shop and I was very sad when she decided to close.  Apparently the reason was that her husband’s business, the major income producer, was expanding rapidly and in need of help in a hurry so a tough decision had to be made.  If I had been ten years younger I might have been tempted to offer to buy the business from her and run it myself.

bead strands4bead strands5

Amongst her stock she carried a large selection of bracelet kits in all colours.  The thing I liked about them is that someone had gone to a lot of trouble to select beads in colours that went together very well and although they would certainly make an instant bracelet I used the strands to make chunky necklaces.  By using the best of the beads and adding in my own, along with spacers and bits of chain, I made several striking necklaces very quickly for my expo.  Much quicker than if I had gone rummaging through my stock of beads from scratch – which normally would be a total joy but on this occasion I was under time pressure so these strands were a big help.

bead strands3

Some of the strands contained too many plastic beads for my liking but I included some as they kept the weight down when made into a necklace instead of a bracelet.  Most contained a combination of semi-precious stones, glass, plastic, metal and resin beads, plus a few spacers. 

I still have some left for future enjoyment!

Saturday, January 14, 2017



When I was invited to contribute to an exhibition of local crafts in the next village last summer, I had no real idea what I was letting myself in for!


It all came about when we called into the tourist office in the village and I admired some of the jewellery on display there.  I got chatting to the French speaking English lady who was on duty that day and she mentioned the series of exhibitions (expos) that they had planned for the tourist office in the next village later in the year.  For two weeks at a time people would display their crafts in the office to show what craft work was going on in the area.  This would take place over several months in the summer and she asked me if I would be interested in taking part.  I agreed, never thinking for a minute that I would actually be asked to do it!

When the phone call came I was both pleased and flattered and agreed to do it.  When I then took stock of how much stuff I had available to display I wondered if I had made a big mistake!

Then when I went along to view the area the exhibition would take place in I really questioned my own sanity.  There were several huge display cabinets and I had nowhere near enough to stuff to fill them.  Not only that, but I couldn’t find most of my display equipment – about half of my black velvet busts and jewellery rolls were nowhere to be found despite turning the house upside down to search for them.


With a humungous effort I scrambled together all the jewellery I had that I wear myself, borrowed stuff that I had made for other people, finished all the half done projects that were already on the go and made a whole lot more. 


I gathered various bits of furniture, ornaments and kitchen ware from around the house, as well as some old floor tiles and bits of rock, to create things that I could display things on and supplement the few real display stands that I could find.


Even with all the items that I had there was still not quite enough to fill all the available space.  So Nick and I came up with a great idea for one of the cabinets.


As the whole point of the exhibition was to showcase local crafts, I decided to do a display of “how to make jewellery”, thinking that if I can do it, anyone can do it and somebody might just be sufficiently inspired to have a go.


I made a display of basic tools, a few beads and beading books, to show how you would start to string a necklace.  I don’t suppose I’ll ever know if anyone was tempted to try it for themselves, but you never know.

The exhibition took two hours to assemble and about twenty minutes to take apart.  I sold a small number of items but that was not what it was all about for me.  To be able to show my work and the variety of styles that can be done as a hobby was what I was aiming for.  The young lady in charge in the tourist office said it was very well received and she had lots of interest, so it was worth the effort.

Thursday, November 10, 2016


We recently had a short holiday in Barcelona.  It was not a success.  Barcelona is a theives’ paradise and I fell foul of one of them.  You can read all about it here if you’re interested.

Barcelona beads

Anyway, before we got to the stage where I was no longer in possession of my bag and wallet, we went to a market that was on the sea front and I treated myself to some jewellery.  Because I make so much jewellery I rarely feel the need to buy anything but I thought this set, using jasper and lava stone rondelles, was lovely.  It was not expensive and…….I was on holiday so I bought it.

Barcelona beads2Barcelona beads3

The next day, when I no longer had my wallet, we stumbled upon a bead shop.  The beads were not expensive and as I was penniless, my husband treated me to them.  I probably bought fewer strands than if I had been in control of my own money but it was really nice of him to treat me!

I have worn the necklace set a lot already as it’s perfect for autumn in those colours.  As for the strands, I don’t usually go for blue beads but there was obviously something subconscious going on and reflecting my mood.  Possibly.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016



I called in at the tourist office in Le Grand-Pressigny earlier in the year and one way or another the conversation got round to the subject of home made jewellery.  To cut a long story short, I was asked if I would like to have a small exhibition in the tourist office in the next village as part of season showcasing the work of local craft persons.

Thinking that nothing would come of it, I was surprised to get the phone call confirming my place.  I went to look at the premises and was somewhat dismayed to find that the glass cases were huge – I’d need a lot of jewellery to fill them.


This is one of the necklaces I made in order to fill the space in the cases.  Dyed crackle quartz crystal with silver.

Thursday, August 4, 2016




It was my friend Lesley’s birthday last weekend.  I was in the process of making necklaces for a little local exhibition (more of that later) and she admired this one so I finished it for her as a birthday present. 


The beads were blue goldstone, that lovely dark navy stone with a gold twinkle, teamed with small purple Swarovski crystals on purple beading wire.  It looked lovely worn with a black dress for summer.

Very pretty, light in weight and easy to wear.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


gail's necklace


This is the necklace I made for my friend Gail’s special birthday last summer.  I forgot to take pictures of it at the time but she recently turned up wearing it so I swooped.

gail's necklace2gail's necklace3

Some of the beads are recycled beads from charity shop necklaces.  The others are from a variety of sources, bead shops, hobby shops, craft fairs.  Some I have had in my stash for so long that I now have no idea where they came from.  I was pleased with the result and very glad that she likes to wear it.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


eiffel tower earrings

It’s months since I made any jewellery.  All my beads are now stored in one room and there’s really no reason to hold back.  Except that there are still so many jobs to be done around the place that playing with my beads seems like I’m shirking.  Rather like when I was working – I had to pinch time from doing chores to make time for beading.  This isn’t how it was meant to be…..

eiffel tower earrings2

I found another shop in France that sells beads yesterday.  It’s a bit like a Hobbycraft and the beads were expensive.  But I spotted these Eiffel Tower charms and couldn’t resist. 

Just like in the old days, I couldn’t wait to make something with them.  I see my beading mojo lurking just around the corner........