Saturday, November 7, 2009


Red and black matt stripey beads with red and black crystals on a double string of red and black wire.
The clasp is one of those neat little press-stud fasteners.
Fastening it is a bit more fiddly than I expected.
One day I will get some black headpins and remake the earrings. That would look better than the silver ones, I think.


  1. Jean, I have a load of black headpins and I haven't done anything with them, i'll send you a couple as a thanks for registering on my website, I didn't expect to have any customers in my database and there you were! I was so chuffed :-)

  2. oh meant to say - I love this necklace and earrings by the way and the lime cordial ones!

  3. Thanks, Nicola. I haven't got my act together yet to go and buy some.


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