Sunday, November 15, 2009


This is BBC Children in Need week and every year we support the charity by having a cake sale at work. The first year (2003) we made £135. Last year we made £575.
I have never seen so much cake in my life.

This year I decided that as well as a Nigella Lawson Chocolate Guinness Cake, I would make some Christmas jewellery to sell.
I started with a few snowman earrings.

Pearl snowman, glass snowman and crystal snowman earrings.

Christmas pudding and Christmas angel earrings.

After mass-producing a small stockpile of snowman earrings I was bored so decided to branch out a bit.

Christmas lantern and Christmas heart earrings perhaps ?

Christmas party earrings.

Christmas carol earrings ?

Christmas card earrings. ?

I got this idea for displaying them on a black champagne glass from a magazine.

More champagne, Vicar ?

UPDATE - on 4th December we banked £640 for Children in Need. There are a few earrings left on sale and money is still trickling in to start us off for next year.

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