Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am confined to the sofa for a while, having had an operation on my foot. I can't sit at the table to do any beading as the foot has to be kept up.

If I had had more time to be more organised, I would have had several projects lined up to do on a beading tray on my lap but what with Christmas and everything........

I saw that Celia at Jencel had a sale on, including her beading kits so I ordered some. That was easy, then, I just tipped the beads into a bead tray, sent his nibs to get the tools and away I went.

This kit included a very pretty agate slice and all the beads needed to make the necklace. In the instructions the method for making loops was different from how I normally do them so I gave it a go and was pleased to find they mostly came out neat and evenly sized.

I made the necklace slightly shorter than intended and added a clasp of my own. I made some earrings with the unused beads.

Detail of the agate slice.


  1. What a VERY cool pendant!

    I know beading on the couch -- that's actually how I got started beading -- being on bed rest when pregnant!

  2. Oh poor you, hope the foot's getting better. The agate slice is beautiful, I love it. I have given you a blog award, but you have to go over to my blog to get it and pass it on!

    Oh and I have those antique black headpins I promised you, all ready to post - just got to get out to the post office (hopefully tomorrow)

  3. Thanks Nicola - an unexpected award! I'm dead chuffed. I will do my awards ASAP.


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