Sunday, January 10, 2010


Another polymer clay pendant, teamed with bone, copper and freshwater pearl beads.

The beads are very tactile, somehow and the leather thong just adds a bit extra to the different textures.


  1. Great jewellery... I love the polymer-clay pendants... remind me of the enamels I do... but more complex. Once I get a workshop established I'll be enamelling again.

  2. Thanks, Tim. I buy my polymer clay pendants from an Ebay seller who makes lovely stuff but I would love to make my own.
    So far I have just got as far as buying a book on it !
    Do you do enamelled jewellery components ?

  3. I can do... once we've got everything in France and we've sorted out the rest of the stuff, I'm going to start being creative again!! At the moment it is just photography and the work I do for other people.
    This is a Batik'd photograph.... []... from this original []but to get the kiln going again would be one of my first aims [just got to make sure that the worksite is fireproof!!


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