Saturday, February 6, 2010


I have now got lots and lots of beads. They are not very well organised and it's so frustrating when you don't know what you've got or where you've put it. Rummaging through tupperware boxes of little plastic bags was becoming a pain and things were getting very jumbled up so I decided to have a big sort out. It's good for the soul anyway, like spring cleaning.

Bead storage is a problem, I find. Somehow I have ended up with a hotch-potch of boxes that don't necessarily stack too well. It would be nice to afford one of those custom-made drawer systems that are advertised in the glossy bead magazines but they are sooooo expensive.

Here are some of my current solutions.

These clear plastic bead boxes are ideal for small quantities of beads as you can see the colours properly. I have bought them for about £3 each from Hobbeycraft or John Lewis. Last year I swooped when they were "buy on get one free" somewhere.

These cases are less than £3 each from Focus. They're not quite so good in that the lids aren't completely transparent but they hold a lot of beads for the money.

I also saw these in Focus. Just over £5 for a pack of three boxes and they look as though they will hold plenty of beads and be good for findings, too. Filling them is my next task.

I spotted these ice cube trays a while ago. For less than £1 each they make a good recepticle for beads whilst work is in progress and I find they help with the tidying up and putting-away of beads when something is finished. I have to exert enormous will-power to do this, otherwise I end up with a box of mixed beads that would take hours to sort but otherwise just be completely fogotten and therefore wasted.


  1. I have mine colour co-ordinated in recycled takeaway cartons at the mo. Would love proper storage one day,

  2. Colour co-ordination is something I aspire to but have not yet achieved !! The best I can do is semi-precious in one drawer and the rest in another.

    Well, it's a start !

  3. I'm with you on the storage Jean, I'd LOVE one of those ginormous classy filing systems you see in magazines. but sadly I'll have to continue to drool. I have 6 large drawered containers that sit on my desk which I bought from various DIY outlets, a selection of trays just like yours which I bought online and endless little tubs that I keep buying from Asda which hold current projects. The ice tray is a mark of brilliance I bet I'll add those to my collection!

    Maybe the bead fairy will sort it all out for us one day. :)

  4. The trouble is, I almost resent the money spent on storage because it could be spent on beautiful beads instead !!

    Still, once I have completed this major sorting-out, I have promised myself I won't let it all get in a mess again. Honest !!


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