Saturday, July 17, 2010


I recently bought these lovely big pink beads from Clare's Beautiful Beads in Belper, along with the disc beads. I was having a doodle and ended up with a design where all the beads happen to have come from the same shop, although I have had some of them for probably a year, just waiting for inspiration.

Just like any other hobby, designing is the fun part and finishing off is the fiddly part. I have quite a few part-made things to finish off. No doubt I will get round to it one day.

This is another doodle from a while ago.

I am waiting to be inspired as to how to complete the necklace.


  1. Diane - me too. My guess is I will be wearing it in a day or two !!

  2. Oh I LOOOVE furnace glass! And the colors are great! Well done!


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