Wednesday, January 5, 2011


For my stall at the Christmas market I made several sets comprising a bracelet and earrings to match a little hand-knitted scarf that would be worn as if it was a necklace.

DEC 2010 075

This one was in jolly colours with Swarovski crystals and bright pearls.  It didn’t sell but a friend bought the bracelet for herself later.  I still have the earrings and scarf so I will probably wear them myself as I love the colours.

DEC 2010 078

This one was in rose quartz and crystals to match a delicate pink scarf.  A friend bought the earrings at the market.

DEC 2010 080

This set sold as a complete set including the scarf.  I was pleased about that.


  1. They are really nice, I love the colours in the first set as well. Diane

  2. And she's worn them a couple of times recently... I think they look great!
    As do the rest of the beadwork items you had on show.


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