Thursday, February 24, 2011



I can’t go past a charity shop these days without having a look at the jewellery section.  Mostly I find horrid plastic beads and junk nobody would want to wear but occasionally there is something I can definitely take apart and do something with.

These nice glass beads were just crying out for remodelling.  I can use the beads and the magnetic clasps, all for about £4.


This selection includes coral chips, some kind of jasper (I think) and some nice wooden beads.  All for about £3.


  1. I love those top green ones they are so very green. Diane

  2. Diane - I love them too. I will make something for you !! If you email your address to me I will send it on.

    On second thoughts, if you email your address in France we might just make a trip on our Harleys and deliver it next time we are chez nous.
    (That's if the weather is kind to us and, more importantly, I can still squeeze into my leathers - it's been a long, hard, comfort-food winter !!)

  3. Thanks Jean, email sent. I have put on 5kg since I came back to the UK!!!!! No food and lots of cycling when I return to France :( Diane


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