Thursday, May 19, 2011


A while ago I posted (and boasted) about some beads I bought at a charity shop and a fellow blogger, Diane, said how nice they were, they were such a bright green.

As Diane lives not far from our holiday cottage in France, I said I would make her a necklace in the lovely beads and take them over.

greenMy charity shop purchase.

beads 4

In the end, I made three necklaces for her to choose from.  Also, in my local bead shop I found matching beads in different shapes and sizes to incorporate into the necklace and some matching earrings.

I was wondering which necklace she would choose.

beads 1beads 3 

These two necklaces were essentially the same – one with the large bead in line and the other with it as a pendant.

beads 2

This is the one that Diane chose.  A double-wire design with less black in it and a generally lighter feel and appearance.

I think it was the one I expected her to choose !!  I hope she really enjoys wearing it – although she may have to wait for St. Patrick’s Day to make the most of it – the beads are really very green.

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  1. Jean I just love my beads, I plan to wear them on the night I arrive back in France next Saturday as I have a drinks 'do' to go to. Many, many thanks. Diane


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