Wednesday, June 6, 2012


french beads

I rarely see beads for sale in France.  I have found a few in supermarkets and DIY shops, in the craft section.  I once bought some from a stall selling beads as well as jewellery at a market of artisan and local produce.  They were very expensive.

 french beads2

These were amongst a small selection of beads for sale in a craft shop in Chinon.  They were quite expensive too, but I couldn’t resist them – a girl can never have too many beads, after all.

french beads3

Other people obviously do manage to find beads.  This lady had TONS of home-made jewellery for sale at a local event in rural France last week.  Some of the beads I recognise as being available in shops in the UK or at bead fairs but I have never seen either in France.

I wonder where she got them.


  1. Now she must be seriously into beads!!

    1. What ever gives you that idea ??!!

  2. I have seen almost nothing over here worth buying. I still order from the UK! Diane

    1. Diane, it seems like bead shops might be the one thing I miss most if we ever up sticks and move to France.

      Buying from the internet all too often results in disapointment I find.


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