Thursday, September 13, 2012


A few weeks ago I treated myself to a workshop run by a local beadshop to learn how to make dichroic glass beads and pendants.

dichroic2 I spent a very happy afternoon learning how to cut the glass and assemble the pendants.  It was not difficult but quite fiddly so I decided to stick to larger pieces rather than try my hand at earrings.

dochroic1 When the pieces are fired in a kiln, the layers of glass fuse together in such a way that you can’t exactly predict what they will look like when they’re “cooked”.  So I was really looking forward to collecting when they had been fired by Jaqui, who runs the workshops.

I was very pleased with the results and all I have to do now is spend a happy hour or two stringing them into necklaces.

The workshop was one of several run by Jaqui at Hello Beads.


  1. Wow! Jean, these are lovely!

    You commented on not being able to find beads in France... the "brocantes" in Furry-Larcon and La Celle Gurnard both had a couple of bead stalls... and there were at least three at the Yzeures "Non-Andouillete" Fair. And there are loads of old necklaces in the vide-greniers that you could buy and take apart, surely.

    1. Thanks Tim, and thanks for the tip....we are never chez nous when there's stuff on that we don't want to miss. I shall make a note for future reference and the day when we are in France for longer spells.

  2. Love those color combinations!

  3. Jean take a look at some good ideas there which certainly interested me. Diane


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