Wednesday, October 23, 2013



I discovered these coloured wire hoops in a local bead shop.  They are really inexpensive (around £1 each) and have a screw fastening.  The idea is that you simply undo the screw, thread large-holed beads onto the wire and there you have a necklace.  The beads have to have holes large enough to go over the screw at the end of the wire.

The bit I didn’t like about this idea is that I don’t have many large-holed beads and – the really naff part – they fall off if the necklace slips out of your hand as you fiddle with the screw to fasten it.  So I worked out a way to use normal beads that would not fall off if you let go of the wire !!



I undid the screw and slid the collar back.  Then I snipped the stopper off the wire.  I removed the collar, added beads, replaced the collar and made a new stopper by crimping on a large crimp.  The beads will not now fall off as the hole is not big enough to pass over the screw or the collar.

If you want to try this, it is important to remember to snip off the end with the collar, not the end with the screw head, because if you get it wrong, the screw fastening won’t work as you have chopped off one half of it !!  You also have to make sure you put the collar back on the right way up.  It has a screw thread at one end and that needs to be at the outer end of the wire so it will marry up with the other half of the screw on the other end of the wire.

You can also adjust the length of the necklace by snipping off more than just the stopper from the end.  For children the necklaces are perfect because they’re fun and cheap.  My friend’s daughters aged ten and twelve loved making some for themselves, I did the snipping and the crimping.  For them I had to cut off up to 10cm of wire to make the necklace the correct length for the beads to sit just right when worn.


I made several necklaces, using different coloured wires and toning beads.  They are nice and light to wear and look neat and modern with a t-shirt or top.  They’re so quick and easy to make you could have one for every outfit !!