Sunday, December 28, 2014


There has been very little beading going on in this house for an awfully long time.  Far too long in fact.  The reason being that we moved house in both England and France and my collection of beads has been residing in my dad’s front room for over nine months, waiting to be moved to a permanent home.

I was unsure where I wanted to have them.  Having downsized in the UK it’s difficult to find room for them and equally difficult to find somewhere where I can work with them.  We have spent more time in France where we have upsized and there is definitely more room for them there, but the space is not yet ready or organised.  If I took them there they would still just be in a stack in a corner somewhere.

Back in August someone in France asked me to do a little restringing  job on a necklace, so I rummaged through the piles of boxes in my dad’s front room and took a selection and some basic tools with me on the next trip.  Once the repair was done I looked at what beads I had to hand and realised that I could actually, for the first time in many months, make something for myself. 


The tan coloured beads are carnelian and from a necklace that I picked up in a charity shop a few days before going to France.  I thought they might come in handy.


I was pleased with the finished necklace and rustled up a matching pair of earrings - I have already worn the set quite a lot.


This little selection of beads came from one of the few places where I have found beads for sale in France.  They were in a shop called “Centrakor”.  It’s similar to the chain called “The Range” in the UK, selling a mixture of household and decorative stock and a few crafts.  They had a huge selection of beads and although they were a bit pricey I couldn’t resist getting just a few!


This is a necklace that I gave to a friend for her birthday a few years ago.  The damage is due to the tiled floors in her house – tiles are very unforgiving when you drop a plate, a glass, a cup, or in this case a necklace with china beads.

I was sure that I still had some of the china beads amongst the collection in my dad’s front room.  I looked at the piles of boxes and felt I had been without them long enough.  I stacked them all in my car and took them round to my very small new house.  With a bit of reorganisation they now stand in two large columns in the spare bedroom.  I have also put up the table that was my work table in the previous house.  There’s hardly room to walk round the bead stack or the table but it feels good to have my beads near to me again.

Looking at them, I didn’t realise how much I had missed them until I got them back home.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


A friend asked me to make a necklace to wear with her outfit for her friend’s wedding.  Her dress was a simple design in a sort of coral/orange colour and she was wearing a black elbow length jacket over it.

black and coral necklace set

I made a few designs using the jumble of large and small beads that she usually likes and as a wild card I made this one from cats eye and matt plain beads.  I thought it would probably be too plain for her.

She chose the plain one, which was a surprise.  She liked the simple design.

 black and coral necklace set2

I rustled up a matching bracelet using memory wire and black rubber tubing to go with it.  It all worked very well together.