Tuesday, November 3, 2015


birthday necklace

My beads are at last all in one place rather than scattered around several locations not to mention in two countries.  They are safely stored in the middle room upstairs in our French house, the room that we still call the “room with no name”.  It’s not really a bedroom, more like a study but “study” doesn’t quite sound right either.  So for now it’s the middle room.

This necklace has been in the making for months, the work on the house taking up so much time and energy that there seems to be none left for beading.  But with my friend’s birthday coming up, the motivation to get on with it was there.  I managed to clear enough space on my table to get all the components out and finish it. 

The chain and the some of the beads came from charity shop finds, others from the only source of beads I have found so far in France, a shop called Centrakor.

birthday necklace2

The addition of the copper chain was simply one of those “I wonder if” moments.  I thought it would make the necklace more interesting but also wondered if it might affect how well it drapes.  As it turns out, it still drapes very well and I’m very pleased with it.  It’s an effect to be used again, I think.

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