Thursday, November 10, 2016


We recently had a short holiday in Barcelona.  It was not a success.  Barcelona is a theives’ paradise and I fell foul of one of them.  You can read all about it here if you’re interested.

Barcelona beads

Anyway, before we got to the stage where I was no longer in possession of my bag and wallet, we went to a market that was on the sea front and I treated myself to some jewellery.  Because I make so much jewellery I rarely feel the need to buy anything but I thought this set, using jasper and lava stone rondelles, was lovely.  It was not expensive and…….I was on holiday so I bought it.

Barcelona beads2Barcelona beads3

The next day, when I no longer had my wallet, we stumbled upon a bead shop.  The beads were not expensive and as I was penniless, my husband treated me to them.  I probably bought fewer strands than if I had been in control of my own money but it was really nice of him to treat me!

I have worn the necklace set a lot already as it’s perfect for autumn in those colours.  As for the strands, I don’t usually go for blue beads but there was obviously something subconscious going on and reflecting my mood.  Possibly.