Sunday, January 29, 2017


secondhand beads

Over the years I have acquired lots of really nice secondhand beads, most coming from charity shops but some coming as cast-offs from friends and family.

This particular set were found in a local charity shop and included some lovely dark plum coloured lava stones, some glass beads and some fairly horrid and manky cheap spacers.

secondhand beads2

I restrung them and used them in my exhibition last summer.  This style of necklace, just a few beads strung on a piece of wire, was the very first type of necklace I learned to make when I was practising how to choose bead sizes and colours and attach a clasp.  I had forgotten how useful it is as a type of necklace to have, nice and light and not too dominating if worn with a t-shirt or top where it blends in with the colour.

secondhand beads3

This charity shop necklace was originally a long and tremendously heavy string of fairly rough chunks of jasper.  To much of a good thing and almost unwearable because of its weight.  I think I paid about £2 for it and remade it into a much shorter version with nice rustic spacers instead of the nasty corroded metal balls that were in it.  Much more wearable and the rough chunkiness of the stones make a striking statement on a plain top.  Without giving the wearer neck ache!

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  1. Lava stones are my new favorite, I like to put essential oils on my lava stone bracelets. :)


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