Wednesday, July 10, 2019


My sister-in-law was going cruising and asked if I could rustle up some necklaces to match her new outfits.  No problem!

First I repaired her crystal necklace.  It had been her mother's and I had restrung it a couple of years ago.  Unfortunately the crimps broke and it came apart.  Oops!  Luckily no beads were lost so I restrung it again but with more crimps, squashed with as much effort as I could muster.  As the length was just right we decided to make the other necklaces the same.

She chose the beads for this one, a mixture of creamy camel glass beads and dark blue crystals.  It matched her new dress perfectly and I have to say I was rather pleased with it.

This is probably my favourite of the three - no, wait - the navy one is.  Oh well, I like them all.  It's a combination of turquoise and pink glass beads, chosen to match another dress, which it does perfectly.
So what has been happening, beadily speaking?
My bead stash and associated stuff, tools, books and magazines have crossed the channel yet again and now reside in our UK home.  Bonkers I know.  The only beading I did in France was for a display in the tourist office three years ago and for a jewellery making taster session for a ladies club last summer.  I made the occasional birthday necklace and repair job and that was it.
Frankly, during the months we are there we have so many other things to do and enjoy that I never found the time to get the beady stuff organised and get really absorbed in it.  Now that we are spending the winters in the UK I'm hoping to do much more.
Sorting through my beads got me really excited about it all over again and making these three necklaces has given me the incentive to get going.  Hurrah!

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